Time creates, maintains and destroys everything

Every human being has its own vedik clock. We should use this to our advantage. By using our research proven methodology we were able to predict the auspicious time to do most important things in your life. We have seen in many circumstances, the smartest people do things in inauspicious time and does not get the full benefit. Same time average person makes the important decisions on auspicious time and has a better outcome. So, please take advantage of your auspicious time to do things in your life.


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I am a physician who went to one of the top 5 medical schools in India. Currently working as an Assistant professor of medicine and running a medical residency program in the USA. I also completed Masters in research from one of the top universities in USA. I have published many papers in research, won many grants, wrote book chapters and conducted many research studies. My recent studies includes following a group of people who are doing sun gazing and looking at their outcome.

For the past 30 years I have been researching, the importance of time in our life. I have researched ancient technologies and Vedic books and discovered that every person has a different clock. I have designed a clock for each person, which is unique and calculated exact time to do most important thing to get great results. Have you ever seen 2 bright people doing the same test or exam and both get different results. Some brilliant people seen also failing standardized tests. They are not failing because lack of knowledge. They are taking the test at the wrong time. By using Vedic mathematics and surya sidhanta, numerous years of research has led me to this unique discovery. I can calculate the most auspicious time of the day for you based on your full name and location of the city you are living in currently.

How We Calculate

We will calculate the auspicious time on a daily basis using your name and the place you are staying to calculate the time.

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